Water Quality

pH/Conductivity/TDS/ORP/Salinity Meter

341350A-P Extech PH, Conductivity, TDS & ORP Salinity Meter. With Automatic Temperature Compensation for Conductivity & TDS and manual Temperature Compensation for pH (0 to 100°C). Thermistor probe measures 0 to 90.0°C
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Dissolved Oxygen Meter

DO210 Dissolved Oxygen Meter with. Automatic Temperature Compensation & Adjustable Altitude & Salinity Compensation
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ExStik® Waterproof Chlorine Meter

CL200 ExStik® Waterproof Chlorine Meter. This revolutionary technique measures Direct Total Residual Chlorine from 0.01ppm to 10ppm. It makes non-subjective measurements unaffected by interferences associated with traditional colorimeters and spectrophotometers like sample color, turbidity, light, and pollutants.
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Dissolved Oxygen Meter/Kit

Extech DO600 Waterproof ExStik® II Dissolved Oxygen Meter/Kit. Easy to replace screw on membrane cap For fast replacement and operation. Extension cable and weighted probe guard included with the Kit
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ExStik® II DO/pH/Conductivity Kit

Extech DO610 ExStik® II DO/pH/Conductivity Kit.User friendly kit economically measures 6 parameters Including Dissolved Oxygen, pH, Conductivity, TDS, Salinity, and Temperature
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Waterproof ExStik® pH Meter

PH100 Waterproof ExStik® pH Meter. Flat Surface Electrode measures pH in liquids, semi-solids, and solids. No more electrode breakage or clogged junctions. ATC (Automatic Temperature Compensation) Interchangeable probes available for Chlorine & ORP
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Free and Total Chlorine Meter

CL500 Free and Total Chlorine Meter. Take measurements of both Free and Total Chlorine up to 3.50ppm with 0.01ppm resolution. The method used is adapted from USEPA Method 330.5 for waste water and Standard Method 4500-Cl-G for drinking water.
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Portable Turbidity Meter

TB400 Portable Turbidity Meter. Test the turbidity of municipal water, food and beverage water, and other aqueous solutions where fluid clarity is important. Portable design allows you to take measurement on-site instead of bringing solution back to the lab. Measures up to 1000 NTU (Nephelometric Turbidity Unit) with 0.01 NTU resolution.
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Waterproof pH Meter

PH90 Waterproof pH Meter. Rugged waterproof (IP57) housing with Flat Surface Electrode for measuring pH in liquids, semi-solids, and solids. Does not break or get junctions clogged like traditional glass bulb electrodes. Easy to replace sensor is perfect for field or lab use.
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