About Us


Cape Instrument Services cc was formed in 1989 and many of the original staff are still employed.  It was formed from a combination of two businesses Cape Gauge (Pty) Ltd and Instrument Services.

Instrument Services concentrated on the repairs and calibration of marine and industrial instruments and was very involved with shipping and naval repairs, trading for about eight years. Cape Gauge Instrumentation was mainly involved in the manufacture of pressure and temperature gauges and had been trading for four years. Pressure and temperature instruments are made under the name Capegauge and electronic instruments under CIS Electronics.

An electronics division was added in 1994 to cater for the ever increasing demand for electronics repairs and specialised instruments in the temperature and humidity field were developed with a limited range of instrumentation not readily available.  A larger product range was added almost every year


We have a customer base of about 3 000 customers throughout South Africa and Namibia and Africa. Our customers extend to Kenya, Malawi, Nigerial, Seychelles, Mauritius, Botswana.  They range from one man businesses to some of the largest companies in Southern Africa. We have regular customers in literally hundreds of industries, such as marine, shipping, cold stores, refrigeration, hydraulics, pneumatics, de-greening, building management, agriculture and many many more. We also have dealers in many of the main centres who buy and sell our instruments.


We have a friendly, helpful and dedicated staff of about 18 people with a few hundred years of combined experience. 

Facilities Offered

We have an electronics, pressure, temperature and thermocouple workshop and a calibration laboratory.  We manufacture, service, repair and certify and also sell a very wide range of instrumentation.