Diaphragms & Seals

Diaphragm Seals -1/40 bar

DCS040 100mm St Steel Diaphragm Seals -1/40 bar. Standard connection is ½"bsp MxF , other sizes available to order. Process Temperature -45/150°C.
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Plastic Body Diaphragm Seal with Viton Seal -1/10 bar

DCS-120 Plastic Body Diaphragm Seal -1/10 bar with Viton Seal. ½" MxF Connection. For use with products that attack stainless steel.
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Diaphragm Seal 0/100 bar

DCS20 St Steel Diaphragm Seal ½" M/F Max 100 bar. DCS20 is designed to isolate the sensing element of pressure gauges from process fluids that may be corrosive, viscous, sedimentous and/or with high temperature. The DCS20 is suitable for pressure from -1 to 100 bar with thread design
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Diaphragm Seal 600 bar

DCS60 Diaphragm Seal 600 bar, ½" M/F Connection. All St Steel construction.
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NW50 Sanitary Seal -1/40 bar

NW50 Sanitary Seal Range -1/40 bar with NW50 (50mm) Female Union Nut. Designed for fast removal & fast installation for easy cleaning. Also know as hygienic seals and dairy seal.
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