Meters & Test Instruments

Humimeter Paper moisture meter

PM5 Humimeter Paper moisture meter - Paper moisture meter for determination of absolute water content at the paper roll with high measuring depth.
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Humimeter Food Moisture Meter

FSG Humimeter Food Moisture Meter - The food moisture meter humimeter FSG offers fast and reliable nondestructive measurements of the water content of various food products. Our food moisture meter comes with calibrations for numerous food products and can be calibrated for further products on request or by yourself.
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Humimeter Hay and straw moisture meter

FL2 Humimeter Hay and straw moisture meter - To ensure the quality of hay, straw and other materials, quality control by measuring the water content is essential. With professional moisture measurement, mold or the risk of fire due to spontaneous combustion of the material is avoided. The humimeter FL2 hay and straw moisture meter impresses with the unique possibility of measuring loose material. Hay and straw are measured easily and directly on site with the humimeter FL2 and the compactor plate.
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Fully Automatic Whole Grain Moisture Analyser

FSA Fully Automatic Whole Grain Moisture Analyser - Fully automatic whole grain moisture analyser with integrated determination of hectolitre weight and infrared sample temperature measurement.
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Combination IR & Folding Probe Thermometer -35/330°C

IR-80 Combination IR Thermometer and Folding Probe Food Thermometer 35/330°C - The IR has a measuring range of -35/330°C with adjustable emissivity which is preset for food. Besides food it can be used for many general type of temperature using contact or non contact. This give the user the option to choose the best option for the application using one instrument.
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Digital Pocket Thermometer, Waterproof

Extech 39240 Digital Pocket Thermometer. Max/Min recording. Range -40/200°C. Data Hold. Waterproof. Our top selling model.
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Environmental Meter measures RH, Temperature, Air Velocity, Light & Sound

Extech EN300 Environmental Meter measures RH, Temperature, Air Velocity, Light & Sound. Feature include: Data Hold, Min/Max, Auto power off, Low Battery/Over-range indication. Type K input to 1300°C
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Pitot Tube Anemometer & Differential Manometer

HD350 Pitot Tube Anemometer + Differential Manometer. The Pitot Tube measures Air Velocity and Airflow. Range 0.7252 psi. 5 selectable units of measurement. Stores up to 99 readings. Inlcudes Windows Software + cable + hoses + hard carrying case
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Sound Level Meter/Logger (Class 2)

CENTER-390 Sound Level Meter & Logger Class 2. Range 30 to 130 dB. Accuracy ± 1.4 dB. Sampling rate 2 x second. Frequency Range 20 Hz ~ 8 KHz. Complies with IEC 1672-1 Class 2 standard. 32,000 Readings can be recorded. Stores 99 readings with LCD Readout. Includes PC Interface with Windows Software Resolution 0.1 dB. 1/2" Electret Condenser Microphone
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