100mm Ø Exhaust Gas Pyrometers 50/650°C

93/100/X & 93/110/X
93/100/XX 100mm Ø Dial, Brannan, Exhaust Gas Pyrometers, Range 50/650°C. Nitrogen filled thermometers to measure the temperatures of Diesel engines exhaust gas. Reliable and accurate and protected against vibration using silicone oil to ensure maximum life under the severest conditions
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Whirling Hygrometer -5/50°C

13/744/2 Brannan Spirit filled Whirling Hygrometers use wet & dry bulb readings to determine the % RH (Relative Humidity). Temperature Range is -5/50°C, Accuracy ± 1°C`
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Draft Survey Hydrometers

10/7750/0 Draft Survey Hydrometer with Certificate, Range 0.99 to 1.04 SG. Length 330mm, Accuracy ± 0.005 kg/l
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Seawater Hydrometer 250mm 1000 to 1050

10/636/0 Seawater Hydrometers measure the percentage of salt in seawater. Adjusted at 15°C. Length 250mm, Range 1.000 to 1.050
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Push Button Maximum Minimum Thermometers

12/403/3 Brannan Push Button Maximum Minimum Thermometers. Range -35/50°C. Accuracy ± 2°C, Filled with special blue spirit that replaces Mercury.
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405mm Lab Thermometer -1/101°C Res 0.2°C

44/824/0 405mm Brannan Lab Thermometer Range -1/101°C 0.2°C Res. White back with blue spirit
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