Silo Inventory Management

Smartbob AO Silo Level Sensor

Smartbob AO Stand alone level sensor with 4-20mA output. Height up to 50m. Two configurable relay outputs can be used to alert to measurement status or high, low or error alarms.
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Rotary Paddle Level Switch

SE3820BCRG - Rotary Paddle Level Switch. Plastic Housing, 220VAC, Contact 5A/250VAC. Connection 3/4" with Cross Paddle.
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Airbrator Vibrator for Bin & Silo's

730-0390 Airbrator Vibrator for Bin & Silo's. Uses a combination of aeration & vibration to assist in difficult material flow applications.
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Diaphragm Switch - BM45FH Series

The BM45 Series Diaphragm Switch is designed for use with freeflowing, dry granular or pelleted material being stored in bins, silos or hoppers. Mounted inside or outside of the bin, the diaphragm switch – also called a pressure switch – can be used for detecting high, intermediate or low levels of material. The device is connected to a light, horn or point level alarm panel and activates an alert when material comes into contact with, or falls away from, the diaphragm switch.
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Non-Contact Radar for Solids up to 120m

NCR-80 The BinMaster NCR-80 is a non-contact radar level sensor designed specifically for superior performance in powders and bulk solids. Its advanced technology uses an 80 GHz frequency focused in a narrow 4° beam angle. This ensures relable performance at measuring ranges up to 120m (393 ft)and accuracy within 0.5cm (0.2 inches) The NCR-80 is ideal for continuous level measurement in tall and narrow vessels where there is excessive noise or dust.
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Standard Rotary Level Indicator

BMRX Standard Rotary Level Indicator. The BMRX is designed to provide security from system power failure, easy access to all components, and reliability for a long life.
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Fail-Safe Rotary Level Indicator

MAXIMA+ Fail-Safe Rotary Level Indicator. The microprocessor-based MAXIMA+ rotary is completely fail-safe for mechanical and power failures. The microprocessor-based MAXIMA+ rotary is completely fail-safe for mechanical and power failures. The supervisory circuit monitors shaft rotation and determines if the paddles are not rotating because of a covered condition, mechanical failure, or a loss of power.
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