Safety Products

Conveyor Belt Misalignment Switch

SRT Conveyor Belt Misalignment Switch. This device monitors the operation process for potentially hazardous conditions and activates an alarm when misalignment occurs. These are generally used in pairs and mounted on both sides and edge of conveyor belt. The first signal point could indicate small belt deviation by output an alarm, the second signal point could guard against extreme belt run off by shutting down the conveyor。
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Water Warning Detectors & Tapes

wwd, wdt
WWD Water Warning Detectors are used with special Water Detection tapes to detect water leaks or flooding in order to prevent or minimize water damages.
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Safety Cable Pull Switch for Conveyor Belts

SRS ~ Safety Cable Pull Switch for Conveyor Belts. Safety cable pull switches are designed for providing a switching system to isolate the power to conveyor system and other equivalent process equipment in the emergency conditions. The cable pull switches are actuated by a plastic coated steel wire, which are placed along-side the conveyor。When you pull on the cable at any point, it will trip and automatically lock the switches,de-energizing the conveyor starter contactor.
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Rotational Speed Monitor for Conveyor Systems

ED4000 - Rotational Speed Monitor for Conveyor Systems. It detects rang 1~999rpm and the rotational speed display on 7-seg led. There is a contact relay that could be used either for alarm or control purposes during the monitoring process. The alarm set point could be directly set by numerical knobs which is more convenient and more accurate than conventional means
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