Moisture Meters

FLIR Thermal Imaging Moisture Meter

FLIR MR160 Pocket-size Thermal Imaging Moisture Meter. 80 x 60 Lepton Thermal Imager with IGM Technology. Easily investigate insulation and moisture issues. Pinless technology for fast non-contact measurements.
13,500.00 (ZAR) excl tax 9,995.00 (ZAR) excl tax

FLIR Pinless Moisture Pyschrometer

MR77 - FLIR Pinless Moisture Pyschrometer. The FLIR MR77 is an all-in-one moisture meter that helps you manage even the toughest water restoration projects. Rugged design with feld replaceable sensors, the MR77 is engineered to help you get more done in less time.
12,500.00 (ZAR) excl tax 9,495.00 (ZAR) excl tax