Fixed Gas Transmitters

aSense m III CO/CO2 Sensor & Ventilation Controller

aSense MIII CO/CO2 Sensor & Ventilation Controller generates alarms and controls ventilation levels. Maintenance-free for more than 5 years. Wall-mounted with LCD display.
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eSense CO2 Transmitter with Display

050-5-0005 eSense CO2 Transmitter with Display. Range 2000ppm. Accuracy ±3% of reading. Output 1: 0/10V for 2000ppm. Output 2: 2-10V or 4-20mA for 2000ppm.
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Toxic gas and Oxygen Sensor

Portable gas measuring device with integrated datalogger for the continuous monitoring of the ambient air to detect the presence of toxic gases and vapours, as well as of oxygen. Up to 16.000 measuring values are recorded in the datalogger.
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