Temperature Calibrators (TC & RTD)

PRC20 Calibrator Thermocouple

PRC20 Calibrator Thermocouple. Source and measure 8 thermocouple type devices (J, K, T, E, C, R, S and N) with one meter that provides precision output displayed as °C/°F or mV.
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RTD & TC Temperature Calibrator

AR915 RTD & TC Temperature Calibrator. Thermocouple: J, K, S, B, R, T, E, N, automatic or constant compensation of temperature of the reference junction. linear (analogue): voltage (mV), resistance
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8-Channel Thermo-Couple Data Logger with LCD Display

OctTCTemp2000V2 8
OctTCTemp2000V2 8-Channel Thermo-Couple Data Logger with LCD Display. The OctTCTemp2000V2 is an eight channel thermo-couple data logger with an LCD display. The device features onscreen minimum, maximum and average statistics, as well as a user configurable graphics screen that allows for any combination of channels to be displayed. The device accepts J, K, T, E, R, S, B and N type Thermo-couples.
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