Temperature & Humidity

Whirling Hygrometer -5/50°C

13/744/2 Brannan Spirit filled Whirling Hygrometers use wet & dry bulb readings to determine the % RH (Relative Humidity). Temperature Range is -5/50°C, Accuracy ± 1°C`
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Wet & Dry Bulb Hygrometer with RH Table

W&D-T Wet & Dry Bulb Thermometer/Hygrometer with Table. Range -15/50°C.
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THS86-87 Dew Point Controller 0~20mA/4~20mA

The THS86 and THS87 has a rapid metal connector for easy installation and an industrial sensor with high precision and durability. The temperature range is -40 - +80°C and the dew point range is -60 ~ +60°C dp. This controller is ideal for environmental monitoring in storerooms, cold rooms, factories, weather stations and laboratories.
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THS88 Dew Point Transmitter 0-20mA/4-20mA

The THS88 High Pressure Dew Point Transmitter can be used in high pressure fields that require precision environmental monitoring. It measures high pressure, low humidity and the dew point range can be easily adjusted as needed.
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THS13 Temperature & Humidity Transmitter 4-20mA Output (indoor)

THS13 Temperature & Humidity Transmitter (4-20mA) for Indoor use is a wall-mount transmitter with high accuracy and long-term stability. Ideal for indoor environmental monitoring as in the case of HVAC processes, air conditioning, ventilation control and more.
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Large Display CO2, Temperature & Humidity Logger

GTH001 Large Display CO2, Temperature & Humidity Logger. Provides very visible monitoring of Carbon Dioxide levels, Temperature & Humidity in building ventilation systems such as in factories, laboratories and more.
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