Flow Meters

Mechanical Flow Meters for Fuels or Lubricants

K44 Flow Meter 1"bsp Inlet/Outlet (max 9999 with 7 Digit totals). Flow rate 20-120 l/min. Accuracy ± 1%. Maximum Pressure 10 bar.
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Multi-Jet Brass Water Meters

Multi-Jet Brass Water Meters. Dry dial brass body water meter for residential applications in sizes 15/50mm for cold and hot water. Conforms to ISO 4064.
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AMR Meter Reading System

AMR Automatic Meter Reading System. Wired or Wireless. AMR is comprised of management software, concentrator and AMR meters for water, electricity gas & heat. The AMR system gathers data in real time and saves and analysis the data for various applications.
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Pre-Paid Water Meter System

Pre-Paid Water Meter System. Includes Management Software, Card Reader, Card and Pre-Paid water meters. Available in brass or PPO. With LCD and Dry-Dial display. Long life battery ± 5 to 6 years with easy replacement. Available in 3 sizes, DN15, DN20 and DN25
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Vortex Flow Meter

VTF Vortex Flow Meter. Wafer connection: DN15-DN300. Flange connection: DN15-DN300. Insertion connection. Application range: (1) Gas; (2) Liquid; (3) Steam.    
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Liquid Turbine Flow Meter

TBF Liquid Turbine Flow Meter. Thread: DN4‐DN50. Flange: DN15-DN200 (DIN, ANSI, JIS) Wafer: DN1‐DN100. Liquid: water; diesel; gasoline (1) Without  Impurity (2)Low viscosity   
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Portable Ultrasonic Flow Meter/Logger with built-in Printer

UFM-2000P - Portable Ultrasonic Flow Meter with Clamp on Transducers 25mm - 600mm It is ideal for flow surveys and closed-pipe application where non-invasive measurement of liquids is required.
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Ultrasonic Batch Flow Water Meter DN15 ~ DN300

T3-1 Ultrasonic Batch Flow Water Meter in sizes DN15 ~ DN300. With built in batch controller and time accumulator. Widely used in the urban water supply, water resources management irrigation, landscape management, industrial production and automation industry. Protection Class IP68. Support Bi-directional flow. 58x22mm LCD display the instantaneous flow, accumulative flow, time and various kinds of working status
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Mass Flow Meter for Bulk Materials

MF3000 Our solid flow meter MF 3000 is designed for flow measurement in metallic pipes from a few kg/h to many t/h. The system is suitable for online measurements of powders, dusts, pellets, and granules from 1 nm up to 2 cm in pneumatic or free fall conditions. For pneumatic conveyors and free falling processes For all solid materials from a few kg/h to many t/h.
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