Laboratory Thermometers

405mm Precision Lab Thermometer -1/51°C 0.1°C

44/820/0 405mm Precision Laboratory Thermometer -1/51°C 0.1°C Divisions. LO-tox™ is an organic filling specially chosen to achieve a wide temperature span and provide the lowest practical levels of hazard.
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405mm Lab Thermometer -1/101°C Res 0.2°C

44/824/0 405mm Brannan Lab Thermometer Range -1/101°C 0.2°C Res. White back with blue spirit
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Digital Thermometer with External Probe -40/200°C

TM26 Digital Thermometer with External Probe -40/200°C. Waterproof, Probe 105x3mm Ø with 1.5m Cable. NSF Certified for Food Industry. Audible and visual alarm alerts when temperature level is higher or lower than the user programmed High/Low set points
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