Fluke Insulation & True RMS Multimeter CAT lll 1000V Cat lV 600V

FLUKE 1577 Insulation & True RMS Multimeter. Cat lll 1000V Cat lV 600V. Insulation Range 0.1MΩ to 600MΩ and 1000V AC/DC. 400mA Current AC/DC. 50.0MΩ Resistance. Three Year warranty
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Fluke Temp Calibrators 3 models covering –25 °C to 660 °C,

FLUKE-9142, FLUKE-9143, FLUKE-9144
FLUKE-914X Temperature calibrators with 3 models covering –25 °C to 660 °C. Built-in two-channel readout for PRT, RTD, thermocouple,4-20 mA current. The 9142 and 9143 have a display accuracy of ± 0.2 °C over their full range, and the 9144 display accuracy ranges from ± 0.35 °C at 420 °C to ± 0.5 °C at ± 660 °C
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