Vibration Loggers

VB500 Vibration Meter/Logger

4 Channel Vibration Meter/ Logger with 4 remote vibration sensors on 1m cable with magnetic adapters. Wide frequency range 10 Kz to 1kHz. RMS or Peak Value measurement modes. Logs up to 20 million readings.
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VB300 Vibration Logger

3 Axis G-Force Logger. Records shock and the time it occurs. Records 85,765 peak acceleration readings with corresponding time. Programmable sampling rate from 1s to 24h.
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TIME 7231-7232 Vibration Meter

TIME 7231, 7232
The TIME 7231 and 7232 are hand-held vibration meters, used in vibration monitoring and diagnostics. The meter comes equipped with a probe for testing vibration signals.
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