Multi-point Temperature & Level Monitoring

Silo Materials Management System

MMS-TLA intelligent grain silo temperature and level management system is a set of PC software, which can replace measurement and record manually and operating method is through configuration of electricity meter and switch. It can be widely applied to industries such as rice milling, flour, fodder, food, low temperature unhulled rice and grain crop as well as grain level environment that needs measurement of multi-point temperature. It is applicable to temperature and grain level detection in tank and barrel of general power, particle and block. MMSTLA can monitor temperature change of the silo all the time, to prevent abnormal temperature, so as to avoid damage to the grain. It can also effectively manage entry, stock and sales of grain, to reduce operating cost, so as to increase profit and improve customers’ competitiveness.
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Grain Silo Temperature Sensor

EST110 Grain Silo Multi Point Temperature Sensor. Multi-point temperature sensor wire can measure temperature of grain in different positions of the silo in real time.
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