Calibration & Certification Services


We have been providing our Calibration service for over 30 years. We will issue you with a detailed calibration certificate outlining the calibration results of your equipment. Our lab certificates are traceable to National Standards and our computerized certification system enables us to keep accurate records of all our issued certificates.

We can also provide SANAS certification of a wide range of products using several SANAS Accredited Labs with whom we have close relations.  This enable one-stop-shopping for a wide range of instruments.  


    In-House SANAS
 Pressure  Pressure Gauges YES YES
   Digital Pressure  Gauge    
   Digital Manometers    
   Relief Valves    
   Pressure Recorders    
   Pressure Transmitters    
 Temperature  Dial Thermometers    
   Infrared Thermometers    
   Lab Thermometers    
   Digital Thermometers    
 Humidity & Temperature  Hygrometers    
 Torque  Torque Wrenches    
   Torque Calibrators    
  Time  Stop watches    
 Mass  Scales    
   Mass Pieces    
 Precision Measurement  Verniers    
 Water Quality   Conductivity    
   pH Meters