Vehicle Monitoring

Motor Cycle, Car, Bakkie, Taxi, Bus & Truck Monitoring Instruments

We would like to introduce you to our wide range of new products with special applications for Motor Cycle, Cars, Buses & Trucks


Motor Cycle




 TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitor)

 GPS Tracker

 DFM (Driver Fatigue Monitor)


 MDVR (Mobile Digital Video Recorder & CCTV)


 ADAS (Advance Driving Assistant System)


 Ultrasonic Tank Level Sensor with Alarms



TPMS -Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

This is a wireless system to display all tyre pressures from 2 wheel motor cycle to 46 wheel trucks. Tyre pressure and tyre temperatures are displayed with alarms for punctures or under or over inflated tyres. These connect wirelessly with internal or external pressure sensors. There are big savings in time and labour for fleet owners in time spent manually checking tyre pressures on their vehicles. There is also big potential money savings by having tyres correctly inflatedIncorrectly inflated tyres can increase fuel costs by up to 7.5% and tyre costs by 15%.

GPS Trackers

Our GPS Trackers are very low cost and there is no monthly charges. Free GPS Tracker software can be downloaded. This gives one the ability to see where the vehicle is, and history where it has been, also the ability to disconnect the power using a cell phone or PC in the event the vehicle is stolen

DFM – Driver Fatigue Monitoring

This monitors the driver’s eyes and send an alarm & vibtation if the driver dozes off and their eyes close or turn away from the road or it cannot detect the drivers face (pupils)

MDVR & CCTV - Mobile Digital Video Recorder

This enables the operator to see live CCTV or historical recordings of the Rear, Side, Front or Inside of a Taxi, Truck or Bus from their control room and also the location. The MDVR are available with 4 or 8 inputs and different CCTV cameras are available for side, front, internal recording

ADAS - Advanced Driving Assistance System

This provides

- FCWS (Forward Collision Warning System)
- LDWS (Lane departure warning system)
- Blackbox (records events while driving and parking)
- GPS receiver
- 3.5” LCD with 2 CCTV Camera's
- Real time front and rear view and more

Ultrasonic Fuel Level Sensor

This measure the level of fuel in a tank up to 1m in height and is stuck underneath a tank.  Can be combined with GPS/GPRS to prevent fuel theft. It also include an alarm which will sound if there is a rapid decline of more than 20mm in 30s or the wires are cut


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