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THS13 Temperature & Humidity Transmitter 4-20mA Output (indoor)

THS13 Temperature & Humidity Transmitter (4-20mA) for Indoor use is a wall-mount transmitter with high accuracy and long-term stability. Ideal for indoor environmental monitoring as in the case of HVAC processes, air conditioning, ventilation control and more.
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Industrial Temp & Humidity/Dew Point Transmitter Series -40/200°C

THS801, THS802, THS803, THS804, THS805, THS806
THS801-806 Industrial quality Temperature & RH Transmitters Comprise 6 models for wall mounting, duct mounting and also with Remote Cable covering -40 to 200°C. These also measure dew point and provide high accuracy & long term stability
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Humidity & Temperature Transmitter

TH-30 Humidity / Temperature Transmitter. Built-in integrated electronics. 4 ~ 20mA output. Available with uniquely ø6 mm slender probes
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