Guide Infrared

Wuhan Guide Infrared is the largest manufacturer of Thermal Imaging Cameras in China. Established in 1999, is a high-tech public company in the engineering, design and manufacturing of infrared thermal imaging cores, cameras, systems and solutions.  Guide Infrared total value has been over 20 billion RMB, with 133,300 square meters of Guide Industrial Park and 2,400 employees, in which R&D staff takes more than 1,000.  Its sales and marketing network has been covered more than 70 countries and regions, as well as European subsidary in Belguim.


Basing of decades of Infrared experience, Guide Infrared has got hundred of technical patents and been formed of complete and comprehensive proprietary technologies at infrared core components, high-level optics design and processing, PCB hardware intergration, smart graphic imaging process, precise stabilization servo control, advanced system intergration and so on.


At present, Guide Infrared is developing infrared thermal imaging technology on commercial applications as opportunity as the industrialization of infrared FPA detector.